About Sensibly Saving

Hey there! I'm Shelly, an unexpected stay-at-home mom of an active one-year-old, and avid super saver.

Like plenty of others, the economy has not gone easy on our family. My husband was part of a massive layoff one week before our daughter was due. As if that wasn't hard enough, I was also laid off, three weeks into my maternity leave. We thought we were totally ready to have a child, but we certainly didn't anticipate going from a two-income household to a zero-income household in less than a month!

I had some physical complications that kept me from being able to consider going to work right away. When my husband got an offer from his former employer to be rehired for an overnight shift, he knew he needed to take it, but we worried about the impact it would have on our family life if I went back to work too. After crunching some numbers, we decided to try having me stay home, at least temporarily, and just be thrifty. It was more important for us to have family time together than to have some of the luxuries we could afford with two incomes.

Anyone who knows me can tell you: when I'm passionate about something, look out! So when I took it upon myself to save our family as much money as I could, I dove in head-first and made it a personal challenge.

It's a good thing, because 8 months later my husband was laid off again -- this time due to the company's bankruptcy -- and we're right back to where we were one year ago.

I know we're not alone. And there's a good chance that if you're reading this, you have your own unfortunate story to tell and are looking for some ways to make it work. I love to help people, and when I kept getting asked to share my "secrets," I realized I needed to do something bigger than a little conversation.

So here we are!

My blog is designed primarily for beginners. There are ton of wonderful resources out there for advanced couponers -- I'll be sharing many of them in my posts! -- but I've noticed there aren't a whole lot of resources for the person who doesn't know where to start. It really is simple once you get into it, but the information available can be totally overwhelming when you're just beginning to stretch your dollar.

Some ways I have earned money and stretched our budget:

  • Couponing (online coupons and paper coupons)
  • Online grocery rebates
  • Scanning receipts
  • Using free mobile savings apps
  • Taking paid online surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Requesting free samples
  • Applying for free products
  • Finding ways to cut down on using expensive products

If you ever feel lost, just reach out and I'll help you find your way!


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