Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Contact Companies for Free Coupons (with list!)

You can get plenty of coupons either online or in your local paper.  But there's another way to get some great coupons, without spending money on ink or a newspaper -- simply ask for them!

I'd heard about companies giving out coupons before, but always thought it would take too much time.  But recently, in the name of science, I made a list of companies and spent about an hour contacting them, just to see what would one hour of my time could do.

I was pretty impressed.

These are all the coupons I received within the first week of requesting them.  There were many others that trickled in after the first week, but a good majority of the companies got right to sending them out to me.

It was so easy!  All I did was craft a basic form letter (if you're going to do this, I'd encourage you to write your own version):
I just wanted to thank you for having such delicious products! [insert specific sentence or two about their product and/or my experience with it here] 
Do you have any coupons available?  My family is on a really tight budget right now so anything that can make our favorite products more affordable would be very helpful!
Then I went to the website for each brand and found their contact page.  I filled out their form, submitted and crossed my fingers.  If I noticed their site offered printable coupons I'd alter my form letter to ask if they had any paper coupons available.

I did receive some rejection emails.  Also, weirdly enough, I got some rejections and then got some coupons a few days later anyway.  So just because they say they don't send coupons doesn't mean they won't -- you may be surprised.

Some companies love that you ask for coupons and actually encourage you to do it regularly.  Turkey Hill Dairy, for example, will send you an awesome packet full of coupons and let you know you can request another one every 30 days.  Every month!  Seriously, they're trying to fuel my ice cream habit, and they're winning.  I used 9 coupons -- combining all the ice cream coupons they sent me with a couple I printed out -- and stocked up during a good sale, getting them for $1 each.  I'm embarrassed to say we're already running low, so I may be contacting them for more coupons soon!

And some companies just love to prove how awesome they are.  Check out this package I got from Wholly Guacamole:

A hand-written note, a bag clip, a squishy stress avocado, some recipes and a coupon for free guacamole!  You bet I'm going to be buying a whole lot more of their stuff.  I love a company who appreciates their customers.

I realized in hindsight that I should have kept a better list of who sent me coupons.  That said, this list isn't complete.  But if you're looking for a good place to start, here are some companies who would love to hear from you:

One nice thing is that many of the coupons sent don't expire for a while.  Some don't have an expiration at all.  So you can hold onto them until you find a great sale with which to combine them.

I'd recommend making your own list, including companies whose products you use regularly and love.  Getting coupons for the things you're already going to buy is the best!  Go to their webpage and search for a "contact us" form.  Commonly, companies will put a link at the bottom of the page.

If you have any luck with other companies, please feel free to share in the comments to help other savvy shoppers!


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