Monday, July 28, 2014

Great Deal at Target This Week With In-Store Pickup!

I can't help but share this awesome deal at Target for this week!

Target is offering $10 off any order of $40 or more on their site using the in-store pickup option.  That alone is pretty awesome, but they also are offering some great gift card deals this week that make it even sweeter!

My daughter is typically in cloth diapers, but we're doing quite a bit of traveling in August and typically use disposables when we're away.  Target has two diaper deals this week:

  • Get a $20 gift card when you buy two giant packs of Pampers or Huggies, on sale for $34.99 each
  • Get a $10 gift card when you buy two bulk packs of Honest Company, BabyGanics or Up and Up diapers, on sale for $25.99 each
Today I ordered two boxes of The Honest Company diapers through with the in-store pickup option.  That came to $51.98, but there was an instant $10 off for the in-store pickup promo, bringing me down to $41.98.  Then, the moment I picked it up, they emailed me a $10 gift card.  So it's like I paid $31.98 for both boxes.  Almost half off!  It's more diapers than we'll need but we'll just save them for another trip.

Don't have a kid in diapers?  There's another great gift card deal!  You can get a $10 gift card for buying any four of the following:

  • Laundry Detergent, on sale for $9.99 (including Tide 69-oz 36-load or 75-oz 48-load, Gain 100-oz 48- or 64-load, and select others)
  • Bounty Paper Towels, on sale for $8.99 (8-pk giant roll or Basic 12-pk big roll)
  • Charmin Bath Tissue, on sale for $12.99 (24-pk double plus or 12-pk mega plus)
  • Fabric Softener, on sale for $7.99 (select Bounce 200-ct sheets, Downy 120-load liquid, and select others)
  • Glad Trash Bags, on sale for $9.99 (select 45- to 106-ct 13 gallon or 34- or 36-ct 30 gallon)
I'm planning on using the $10 gift card today toward another in-store pickup, for the following:
  • 2x Charmin Bath Tissue ($12.99 each)
  • 2x Bounty Paper Towels ($8.99 each)
$43.96 before discounts, $33.96 after the instant $10 in-store pickup promo.  Then I get a $10 gift card on top of that, so it's like paying $23.96 for all four!  Again, this is nearly half price -- and no need for coupons!

You can get the deal on up to four transactions.

Placing and picking up my diaper order today was so easy!  I placed the order from my phone.  The site said it could take up to 4 hours to be ready, but within a half hour I received my email and text message letting me know I could drop by anytime for pickup.  I went to the service desk, they used my driver's license to look up my order, and brought it right out for me.  And as I mentioned, the $10 gift card showed up in my email almost immediately after I picked up the order.

Just a note, you can't use coupons on an online order, so you can't combine other deals here.  But these deals are so good, you don't need to!


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