Friday, May 16, 2014

Save instantly at Target with a rainy day Shopkick scavenger hunt

It was an awful, rainy morning. I'd been planning on taking the little one for a walk before the rain hit. We needed out. There were a couple of good deals I'd wanted to pick up at Target anyway, so I took the opportunity to go on a Shopkick scavenger hunt to earn us some cash toward our purchase!

(When I told my husband we were headed out on a scavenger hunt, he asked if that's what I was calling grocery shopping now. Ha!)

But no, really. Shopkick is a great, free app for iOS and Android that lets you earn gift cards. You earn "kicks" for entering certain stores, scanning certain items, and sometimes just for buying things with a linked credit card (Visa or Mastercard only right now, and only at certain stores). Target is a great place to use Shopkick because it has kicks for entering, usually has a bunch of items to scan, and you can instantly redeem 500 kicks for a $2 Target gift card.

When you walk into a store that offers walk-in kicks, you just need to open the app as you're entering the store. The app can detect that you're in the store -- I believe by an audio signal -- and should give you the points almost instantly.

Here's the screenshot from after I entered Target:

At the top, you can see I'm looking at Target under the stores. The number next to the walking person is how many kicks you'll get for walking in. Here it's showing zero because I already claimed my points before taking the screenshot (whoops). You can see that when I tap that little guy:

The number next to the barcode shows you how many points are available for scanning items. If you tap it, it will open up a special page that shows you just the scannable products:

Here you can see I've already scanned some from our successful scavenger hunt today.

Let's say I just found the Crystal Light in the store. If I tap it, I see this page, with a cute little ad and the opportunity to scan for kicks:

If I tap the button where it says "25 kicks" it will open up the scanner to scan the barcode. Once it scans, a blue bubble will pop up showing that you earned your kicks. If you scanned the wrong product, an error will appear to let you know and you can try again. After you get the kicks, an optional survey will appear. If you're not up for answering the survey, just hit the little arrow at the top left of the survey to back out of it. You'll still get the kicks for scanning, even if you don't answer the survey.

Unfortunately, just because an item shows up on the list doesn't mean that your store necessarily carries it. So you likely won't be able to scan every possible item. In a store like Target, though, you can usually find most of the products pretty easily. Today was great because several of the items were right next to each other on the shelf. There were 7 different varieties of Quaker Chewy bars available to scan, for example, and each earned 25 kicks. Almost 200 kicks, just like that. Easy!

Given that I had a toddler approaching her nap time, I didn't get around to checking for everything. But I managed to get myself up to 500 kicks, and redeemed my reward right in the store. I just tapped on the little person at the top left of the app to open the menu, and scrolled down to "Browse Rewards."

From here you can select what you'd like to spend your kicks on, assuming you have enough. If you tap on the Target gift card it'll open up your options for Target and allow you to purchase. Once you've purchased your gift card, you can access it under "My Rewards" in the app menu. When you tap on your gift card under My Rewards, a barcode will appear to show at the register, just like if you were redeeming a mobile coupon or Cartwheel offer (if you don't know about Cartwheel, no worries -- I'll fill you in soon!). The gift card will come off your order just like if you were holding an actual gift card.

Scavenger hunts with my little one aren't super exciting for her right now, but she likes going from aisle to aisle so she's pretty cool with it. When she gets a bit older I figure we can try to find the items together and she can help me scan them.

Another great place to rack up some kicks is the mall. Many stores in the mall offer walk-in kicks, so you just need to pop into the store real quick until it registers (or sometimes, if you're lucky, standing just outside the store will work too!). Once you've downloaded the app, you can scroll through the different stores to see which ones near you offer kicks.

I'll admit, I have had some occasional issues with the app. With my old phone, the app needed so much memory to run that it would basically freeze. I think they've made some improvements, but you're likely going to have the best luck with a newer device. I also had to temporarily uninstall it recently because it was eating up all of my battery. I suspect it was because I had the setting enabled for it to notify me when I was near someplace that offered kicks, so it was constantly accessing my GPS and running in the background. I've disabled that feature and haven't had too much trouble since. But for a free app, you really have nothing to lose in giving it a shot.

Check out this link to download Shopkick and go on your very own, free money scavenger hunt!

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  1. This is a pretty nifty app! Thanks for the info on it! I used it once when I was at target and it's pretty fun. Although it does run a bit slower on my phone (Droid DNA) which is an older-ish phone, but not that old. Doesn't bother me much though, still a fun app! :)